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UC Davis Set of Emotion Expressions (UCDSEE)

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Reference: Tracy, J. L., Robins, R. W., & Schriber, R. A. (2009). Development of a FACS-verified set of basic and self-conscious emotion expressions. Emotion, 9, 554-559. (PDF)

This new set of emotion expressions includes jpegs of anger, embarrassment, fear, disgust, happiness, pride, sadness, shame, and surprise expressions. All basic emotion expressions (including contempt) were FACS-verified by Erika Rosenberg, a leading expert in FACS, and all self-conscious emotion expressions were verified by Dr. Rosenberg to include only those facial muscle movements described as relevant to each expression by Tracy & Robins (Psych Science, 2004) for pride, and by Heerey et al. (Emotion, 2003) for embarrassment and shame. The set includes 4 targets: 2 females (1 Caucasian American, 1 African) and 2 males (1 Caucasian American, 1 African). Researchers interested in using the set can download or copy jpegs below, free of charge; please just cite the set with the appropriate reference.

Download the full set of images as a zip file