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Origins and Functions of the Nonverbal Pride and Shame Expressions

This line of research examines the evolutionary origins and functions of the pride and shame expressions. [...]

Terror Management Theory and Attitudes toward Science

This line of research examines the underlying psychological motives that influence people’s beliefs in science. [...]

Conscientiousness and Two Facets of Pride

This line of research, led by Aaron Weidman, is examining the interplay between trait conscientiousness and two forms of pride (i.e., authentic and hubristic) in promoting adaptive outcomes like increased effort, achievement, and self-promotion. [...]

Alcoholism and Emotions Project

This line of research, funded by the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research of B.C. and the Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR), aims to examine the role of emotions and attributions in influencing the behavioral and health outcomes of recovering alcoholics. [...]

The Emergence of Status Hierarchies

Status differences are universal in all known human societies, and they partially determine patterns of resource allocation, conflict, mating, and group coordination. However, there’s little systematic research into questions of why and how hierarchies emerge. [...]

Self-Enhancement, Narcissism, and Self-esteem

A number of projects in the lab examine the personality and emotional processes underlying inflated versus genuine self-esteem and narcissism. [...]

Emotion Expressions and Mate Preferences

In this line of research, we are examining how emotion displays may function to signal information relevant to mate value, and thus increase or decrease attractiveness, accordingly. [...]

Emotions and Morality

In this line of work, led by Conor Steckler, we are examining how (and why) emotions influence moral judgment. [...]