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Jessica L. Tracy, Ph.D.

Professor – Department of Psychology, University of British Columbia

Jess is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of British Columbia, and a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar. [...]

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Jessica L. Tracy, Ph.D.

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Ryan Villamin

Project Manager – Alcoholism and Emotions Study

Ryan recently obtained his B.A. (2015) at UBC. His research interests lie in the intersection between gender and healthcare. He is the assistant project manager of the Alcoholism and Emotions Study in this lab and also the lab manager for Dr. Toni Schmade [...]

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Ryan Villamin

Jeff Markusoff

Lab Manager

Jeff is an award-winning (unofficial-internal award) lab manager, who since 2008 has been coordinating all research projects and research assistants involved in the Emotion and Self Lab. [...]

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Jeff Markusoff

Graduate Students »

Zak Witkower

Graduate Student

My research is centered around nonverbal communication. Specifically, I am interested in the nonverbal behaviors (e.g., facial expressions and body movements) that are used to express and interpret emotion and personality information during social interac [...]

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Zak Witkower

Conor M. Steckler

Ph.D. Student

I study the cognitive and emotional mechanisms involved in moral judgment and decision-making, using evolutionary theory and methods from social and developmental psychology. In addition to my work with Jess, I work with Kiley Hamlin on the early developmental origins of moral decision-making, as evidenced in infants and young children. [...]

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Conor M. Steckler

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Undergraduate Students »

Directed Studies Students

Honours Students

  • Joseph Rootman

Research Assistants

  • Sue Song
  • Jelaina Holroyd
  • Priya Chandi
  • Lizzie Kwon
  • Katerina Slater
  • Rina Lai
  • Jae Won Yang
  • Chantel Wright
  • Emily Jeong
  • Sophia Choi
  • Sarah Shults
  • Stephanie Mrakovich
  • Pargol Hamidi
  • Aditi Chakravarthi
  • Rachael Inglis
  • Mackenzie Green

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