Director »

Jessica L. Tracy, Ph.D.

Associate Professor – Department of Psychology, University of British Columbia

Associate Editor, Emotion

Jess is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of British Columbia, and a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar. [...]

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Jessica L. Tracy, Ph.D.

Lab Personnel »

Jeff Markusoff

Lab Manager

Jeff is an award-winning (unofficial-internal award) lab manager, who since 2008 has been coordinating all research projects and research assistants involved in the Emotion and Self Lab. [...]

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Jeff Markusoff

Graduate Students »

Conor Steckler

MA Student

I study the cognitive and emotional mechanisms involved in moral judgment and decision-making, using evolutionary theory and methods from social and developmental psychology. In addition to my work with Jess, I work with Kiley Hamlin on the early developmental origins of moral decision-making, as evidenced in infants and young children. [...]

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Conor Steckler

Dan Randles

Affiliated PhD Student

My main interest is in how people’s behavior is shaped by their emotional reactions to critical events in life. I am also interested in whether people in general can identify if someone else has a healthy or unhealthy emotional reaction to important eve [...]

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Dan Randles

Post-Doc »

Joey T. Cheng

Post-Doctoral Scholar

I'm interested in the social functions of status hierarchies, the psychological, and, especially, emotional, underpinnings of leadership and followership (e.g., pride, humility, admiration, respect), and the implications of status hierarchies on individual motivation and collective performance. [...]

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Joey T. Cheng

Undergraduate Students »

Directed Studies Students

  • Eva Gifford
  • Mengzhu Celine Zhang
  • Megan Buckley

Honours Students

  • Marco Yiu Yeung Sy

Research Assistants

  • Lauren Wright
  • Ainsley Gornall
  • Leah Hintsche
  • Zarina Giannone
  • Lisa Jing Zhou
  • Alex Curtis
  • Shaun MacDonald
  • Heerim Melanie Kim
  • Fernanda Pellegrini
  • Elle Chau
  • Camille Hobbs
  • Simon Ho
  • Alva Cheng
  • Mili Baghela
  • Michelle Little
  • Alicia Jaffer
  • Matt Hanna

Lab Alumni »

Chrissie Prehn

Doctoral Student, Clinical Psychology

PGSP-Stanford PsyD Consortium, Palo Alto University

Chrissie Prehn