Director »

Jessica L. Tracy, Ph.D.

Associate Professor – Department of Psychology, University of British Columbia

Associate Editor, Emotion

Jess is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of British Columbia, and a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar. [...]

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Jessica L. Tracy, Ph.D.

Lab Personnel »

Jeff Markusoff

Lab Manager

Jeff is an award-winning (unofficial-internal award) lab manager, who since 2008 has been coordinating all research projects and research assistants involved in the Emotion and Self Lab. [...]

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Jeff Markusoff

Graduate Students »

Conor M. Steckler

Ph.D. Student

I study the cognitive and emotional mechanisms involved in moral judgment and decision-making, using evolutionary theory and methods from social and developmental psychology. In addition to my work with Jess, I work with Kiley Hamlin on the early developmental origins of moral decision-making, as evidenced in infants and young children. [...]

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Conor M. Steckler

Post-Doc »

Dan Randles

Post-Doctoral Scholar

My main interest is in how people’s behavior is shaped by their emotional reactions to critical events in life. I am also interested in whether people in general can identify if someone else has a healthy or unhealthy emotional reaction to important eve [...]

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Dan Randles

Undergraduate Students »

Directed Studies Students

  • Stephanie Lee
  • Jazon Torres
  • Tashya De Silva

Honours Students

Research Assistants

  • Sue Song
  • Jelaina Holroyd
  • Priya Chandi
  • Lizzie Kwon
  • Katerina Slater
  • Rina Lai
  • Jae Won Yang
  • Chantel Wright
  • Emily Jeong
  • Sophia Choi
  • Sarah Shults
  • Stephanie Mrakovich
  • Pargol Hamidi
  • Aditi Chakravarthi
  • Rachael Inglis
  • Mackenzie Green

Lab Alumni »

Chrissie Prehn

Doctoral Student, Clinical Psychology

PGSP-Stanford PsyD Consortium, Palo Alto University

Chrissie Prehn