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Humility paper in press

New paper from the lab published in JPSP, showing that humility is comprised of two facets–one pro-social and “other-appreciating”, and the other anti-social and “self-abasing.” Read the paper here.

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Joey JEP: Gen paper in press

New research from Joey Cheng, Jess Tracy, Simon Ho, and Joe Henrich shows that dynamic shifts in vocal pitch, naturally occurring in the early moments of a social interaction, influence emergent rank outcomes. Read the paper, now published at JEP:General,…

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Aaron SPSP 2016 talk

Aaron Weidman, “The benefits of following your pride: Authentic pride promotes achievement.” In the symposium, “The function of distinct emotions in everyday social situations,” at SPSP. San Diego, CA. January 30th, 2016.

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Jess ICPS talk online

Watch the video of Jess’ talk, as well as talks by David Puts and Klaus Scherer, on Nonverbal Communication across species, in an Integrative Science Symposium at the International Convention for Psychological Science in Amsterdam this past March.

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JP pride-o-meter paper

Now in press at Journal of Personality: Aaron Weidman, Jess Tracy, and Andy Elliott’s longitudinal research showing that authentic pride motivates achievement-oriented behavioral change and, as a result, actual improvements in exam performance.

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