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ARP 2013

The Emotion & Self Lab descended on Charlotte, NC, US of A, last weekend for the 3rd Biannual Meeting of the Association for Research in Personality. Our contingent included Jess, Joey, Aaron, and former lab member (and newly minted Assistant…

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Replication is Good…Right?

We have all heard by now that replication is the panacea for the ills plaguing social psychology. Whether we fear single-study papers containing tenuous effects reached through undisclosed analytical flexibility, post-hoc justifications of results that were entirely unanticipated, or downright…

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When Neutral is Harmful

Emotion researchers often examine the divergent effects of two or more emotions on behavior. Such research designs involve inducing emotion states in groups of participants and comparing the average response on a behavioral measure across groups. For example, one might…

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Why are people neurotic?

Psychologists have long thought of neuroticism as a fundamentally maladaptive personality trait. Neurotics experience a preponderance of negative emotions, get sick frequently, and tend to lack satisfying interpersonal relationships. In short, neuroticism seems devoid of any redeeming value. An evolutionary…

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