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CDPS in press

Jess Tracy, Ian Hohm, and Ari Makridakis present new ideas (and some data) about how science impairs humans’ ability to feel that their lives matter existentially, now in press at Current Directions in Psychological Science.

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Zak JEPG in press

Now in press at JEP:G: Studies led by Zak Witkower show that the dominance nonverbal display is reliably recognized as dominance (and not confused with prestige) by indigenous people in the Mayagna tribe in Nicaragua and by Canadian children as…

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Eric Mercadante, Jess Tracy, and Fritz Gotz’s paper showing that greed language in senatorial tweets predicts retweets and likes now published in PNAS.

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Jess SPSP Pre-Con talk 2023

Jess Tracy, “Two Paths to Power: A Decade of Research on Dominance and Prestige.” Society for Personality and Social Psychology Pre-Conference on Bringing Intragroup Processes into Social Psychology Atlanta, GA February 23, 2023

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