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Jess Uppsala Visit

Many thanks to Barry Karlsson and the wonderful scholars at Uppsala University, who recently hosted Jess as she gave the keynote address at a Roundtable on Pride, Peace, and Conflict. It was a fantastic day, filled with exciting debate and…

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Replication is Good…Right?

We have all heard by now that replication is the panacea for the ills plaguing social psychology. Whether we fear single-study papers containing tenuous effects reached through undisclosed analytical flexibility, post-hoc justifications of results that were entirely unanticipated, or downright…

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Thinking about our science

For those who haven’t kept up to date with the recent published papers, blog posts, and media reports on the state of psychological science and social psychology in particular, I strongly recommend Brent Roberts’ blog post: Roberts, B. W. (2012).…

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When Neutral is Harmful

Emotion researchers often examine the divergent effects of two or more emotions on behavior. Such research designs involve inducing emotion states in groups of participants and comparing the average response on a behavioral measure across groups. For example, one might…

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