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Dan spsp data blitz 2013

Dan Randles, “Shamed into taking a drink? Shame displays predict likelihood of relapse among recovering alcoholics”. Society for Personality and Social Psychology Annual Convention Data Blitz, Austin, TX. February, 2014.

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Narcissism and vulnerability

Joey Cheng, Jess Tracy, and Greg Miller show that narcissists reveal physiological fragility (i.e., higher levels of two biomarkers of stress) in the face of daily distresses, consistent with the fragile ego account of narcissism. Read the paper, now published…

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Jess SPSP talk

Jess Tracy, “The Irrepressible Power of Pride Displays” In the symposium, “The Non-Verbal Expression of Positive Emotions: Variations and Social Implications” (M. Shiota, Chair), at the annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Austin, TX. February, 2014

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Alec APS talk

Alec Beall, “The Little Red Dress Spells Reproductive Success.” In the symposium,“Psychophysical cues to fertility, leadership capacity, trustworthiness, and health” (J.T. Cheng, & J.L. Tracy, Chairs), at the annual convention of the Association for Psychological Science. Washington DC. May, 2013

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Joey ARP Talk

Joey Cheng, “Listen, follow me: Changes in vocal pitch predict leader emergence.” In the symposium,“Causes and consequences of individual differences in social status: New insights from research on nonverbal behavior, neuroendocrinology, health, and self-regulatory goals” (J.T. Cheng, & J.L. Tracy,…

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