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EHB paper published

Check out our paper just published at Evolution and Human Behavior for real-world evidence that status displays reduce, rather than increase, the amount of financial aid needy individuals receive. Supporting Trivers’ model of reciprocal altruism, generous folks bias their efforts…

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Jess APS Chaired Symposium

Jess Tracy, Chair, 30 years of affective science in the Bay Area: A look at how far we’ve come, and where we should go next. Invited symposium featuring talks from Bob Levenson, Ann Kring, Dacher Keltner, Barbara Fredrickson, James Gross, and…

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Jess APS talk

Jess Tracy, Hot shit/piece of shit: The directly opposing impact of pride displays on social judgments and decision-making. In the symposium, “The Self-Conscious Emotions: Theory, Data, and Open Questions.” APS, May, 2018 San Francisco, CA  

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