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JP pride-o-meter paper

Now in press at Journal of Personality: Aaron Weidman, Jess Tracy, and Andy Elliott’s longitudinal research showing that authentic pride motivates achievement-oriented behavioral change and, as a result, actual improvements in exam performance.

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Conor HBES talk

Conor Steckler, “Signal Police: The Social Punishment of Unwarranted Expansive Postural Displays” Human Behavior and Evolution Society Bi-Annual Meeting. Vancouver, B.C. June 30th, 2016.

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Dan APS talk

Dan Randles, “Escaping shame: Shame displays predict problems with drug and alcohol abuse in healthy and addicted populations.” Association for Psychological Science Annual Conference New York, NY. May, 2014.

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More on red and pink…

In a recent blog post, Uri Simonnsohn referred to Andrew Gelman’s attack on our research, which found that women who are at high risk for conception are more likely to wear red or pink than women at low conception…

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Jess USC talk

Jess Tracy, “Pride and the Emotional Underpinnings of Social Rank” Invited Talk, University of Southern California, Marshall School of Management Los Angeles, CA. April 3, 2015.

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Jess SPSP 2015 talk

Jess Tracy, “The Power of Pride: The Positive Emotion that Drives Rank Attainment but can also Inhibit Behavioural Change” In the symposium, “The Positive Cost: Personal Costs to Experiencing and Expressing Positive Emotion”, Society for Personality and Social Psychology Annual…

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