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Aaron C. Weidman

Ph.D. Student

Aaron studies the function of both emotions and personality in promoting achievement. He is currently conducting research on the motivational and informational influence of emotions on achievement across academic and athletic contexts (Weidman, Tracy & Elliot, in press). He is also investigating the relation between the personality trait conscientiousness and achievement-related behavior, and how this relation differs across cultures (Weidman & Tracy, 2013).

Aaron also studies the function and measurement of emotions. He has previously reviewed the ways in which psychologists assess the subjective experience of a wide range of distinct emotions (Weidman, Steckler, & Tracy, 2014). Additionally, he is currently examining how measuring emotions in different ways can affect research conclusions. Finally, Aaron is working to construct measures of different emotions, including humility (Weidman, Cheng, & Tracy, 2015), and a range of other positive emotions.

Finally, Aaron studies the relation between personality and online social networking. He has investigated the question of how online socialization affects well-being, and how this relation may differ for people high in social anxiety (Weidman, Fernandez, Levinson, Augustine, Larsen, & Rodebaugh, 2012). He has also conducted research examining personality impressions and relationship formation in the context of online dating and Facebook (Weidman, Cheng, Chisholm, & Tracy, in press; Weidman & Levinson, 2015).

Aaron is supported by a Killam Doctoral Scholarship and a Four-Year Doctoral Fellowship from the University of British Columbia. He also works as a statistics consultant for the UBC Psychology Department.

Aaron completed his B.A. in psychology at Washington University in St. Louis while working under the supervision of Dr. Randy Larsen and in Dr. Simine Vazire’s Personality and Self-Knowledge Lab. Aaron is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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