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Expert seeking babies!

4-year olds take into account someone’s expertise (i.e., their previous success) when choosing whom to copy (Einav & Robinson, 2011), which is consistent with previous work showing 12-month-old infants preferentially look toward experts when seeking information (Stenberg, 2009). We already know from Jess’ work that 4-year olds recognize pride–a signal of expertise. Does this mean kids (or even infants) might copy those who display pride? If so, this would be the same thing that Jess and I found with adults, and it would suggest that this copying bias emerges relatively early in development. Very cool.


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Hey Jason, nice summary of the Einav paper. Your title is particularly funny. Did you intend the pun (i.e, that you are an expert seeking babies for your study, and that babies are ‘expert-seeking’?

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