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Expert seeking babies!

4-year olds take into account someone’s expertise (i.e., their previous success) when choosing whom to copy (Einav & Robinson, 2011), which is consistent with previous work showing 12-month-old infants preferentially look toward experts when seeking information (Stenberg, 2009). We already…

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Why are people neurotic?

Psychologists have long thought of neuroticism as a fundamentally maladaptive personality trait. Neurotics experience a preponderance of negative emotions, get sick frequently, and tend to lack satisfying interpersonal relationships. In short, neuroticism seems devoid of any redeeming value. An evolutionary…

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Pride Displays and Power at SPSP

Jason Martens, “An Emotion-Based Learning Bias: Does the Pride Expression Cue Expertise?,” in a symposium chaired by Jason and Jess on “Pride, Power, and Social-Status: The Impact of Expanded Posture on Self and Others.” Other speakers: Dana Carney, Li Huang,…

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