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Jess USC talk

Jess Tracy, “Pride and the Emotional Underpinnings of Social Rank” Invited Talk, University of Southern California, Marshall School of Management Los Angeles, CA. April 3, 2015.

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Jess Uppsala Visit

Many thanks to Barry Karlsson and the wonderful scholars at Uppsala University, who recently hosted Jess as she gave the keynote address at a Roundtable on Pride, Peace, and Conflict. It was a fantastic day, filled with exciting debate and…

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Jess SPSP 2015 talk

Jess Tracy, “The Power of Pride: The Positive Emotion that Drives Rank Attainment but can also Inhibit Behavioural Change” In the symposium, “The Positive Cost: Personal Costs to Experiencing and Expressing Positive Emotion”, Society for Personality and Social Psychology Annual…

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Jess Uppsala Talk

Jess Tracy, “The Nature of Pride: From Self-Conscious Emotion to Social Status” Invited Talk, Uppsala University, Department of Psychology and Psychiatry. Uppsala, Sweden. September 11, 2014.

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CPS Special issue

Special Series in Clinical Psychological Science on Emotions and Psychopathology, edited by Jess, now available online, featuring¬†articles by leaders in affective and clinical science– James Gross, Jutta Joorman, Ann Kring, David Watson, Jaak Panksepp, and Greg Siegel (and an introductory…

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Red/Pink Redux

More on the Red/Pink Dress Effect: A Response to an Unpublished (but possibly soon-to-be-published) Critique Jessica Tracy & Alec Beall It has come to our attention that Andrew Gelman and Eric Loken are seeking to publish an article critiquing our…

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JCP paper

New studies show that authentic and hubristic pride have differential effects on consumerism; read the paper, now in press at Journal of Consumer Psychology, here.

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Jess ICPS Talk

Jess Tracy, “The Nonverbal Communication of Pride, Power, and Social Rank” Invited Talk, APS Inaugural International Convention for Psychological Science (ICPS). Amsterdam, Netherlands. March, 2015

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