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Zak SPSP 2019 talk

Zak Witkower, “Two signals of rank: Distinct displays of dominance and prestige,” in the symposium, “New insights into the nonverbal communication of social rank” at the annual SPSP meeting February 9, 2019 Portland, OR

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Jess SPSP 2019 talk

Jess Tracy, “Hot sh*t or piece of sh*t: The directly opposing impact of pride displays on social judgments and decision-making,” in the symposium, “Nonverbal Expressions of Positive Emotion: New Advances and Social Functions,” SPSP Annual Meeting February 10th (11 am-12:15)…

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Jess and Aaron Weidman’s research showing that authentic pride promotes increased effort and achievement covered in the Washington Post.

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Eric APS talk

Eric Mercadante, “When Do Narcissists Feel Shame? Not When You Might Expect.” In the symposium, “Antisocial Personality in Context: Dispositional and Situational Factors Influence How “Dark” Traits Predict Behavior,” APS Annual Convention. May 25-26, 2023 Washington D.C.  

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Jess APS Chaired Symposium

Jess Tracy, Chair, 30 years of affective science in the Bay Area: A look at how far we’ve come, and where we should go next. Invited symposium featuring talks from Bob Levenson, Ann Kring, Dacher Keltner, Barbara Fredrickson, James Gross, and…

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